How Does Motivation Work?

  • Sep 26, 2017

Motivation comes from making someone else's day. It is like a feedback loop. I make someone happy, their happiness makes me happy, which makes me want to find more ways to make them happy. Incentives and rewards are powerful motivators, but without the human touch, they are far less powerful than their potential.

How can you motivate your target audience without first understanding them. Before you choose your promotional product, take time to revisit who it is you’re promoting to. Think about their demographics including age, gender, geographic location, income, education, and more. Then, remember to evaluate their psychographics like attitudes, behaviors, values, etc. Knowing these details about your target audience will allow you to choose the best promotional product to suit their needs.

Promotional products play a role in motivation. Have you ever received a promotional item that was handed to you by a person who was just going through the motions, not even smiling as they handed you the item? Maybe the item was high-value, but the way you received it didn’t make you feel valued. Sure, you appreciated the gift, but the giving was lacking that personal touch. Lacking what makes us connect as human beings.

This is where the opportunity to connect comes in. The human element will catapult your efforts to the next level. If you had received the gift above with a personal note and a warm handshake, you would feel more motivated from that experience than one without the personal touch.

Giving your target customer a promotional gift is your opportunity to make their day, no matter the content of the promotional gift, how it is delivered is where the motivation feedback comes from. Take the time to personally deliver the gift if you are able, or include a personal note if you’re not able to deliver in-person. At the end, you and your target customer will both feel happy.

Sometimes it is the smallest gesture or gift that will make someone's day. Don't forget it's the simple things in life. But deliver the gesture or item yourself and enjoy the feedback!