Be in Front of Your Customers All Year Long

  • Dec 26, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be in front of your customers every day of the year? We all know it simply isn’t possible - or is it? By giving the gift of calendars, your business will be getting impressions all year long! “Just a calendar?,” you say? Calendars may be counterintuitive in the digital age, but believe it or not, according to the New York Times, 82% of recipients still enjoy receiving a calendar as a gift. Here are some calendars you can gift your customers to claim real estate on their desk or wall all year long.

  • This full-size desk planner with vinyl trim features your company logo and contact information. This desk planner can help encourage productivity and keep your customers organized.

desk calendar

  • Our inspirational wall calendar features motivational messages coupled with breathtaking photography. This 13-month calendar goes from December to December allowing for maximum exposure to your company.

wall calendar

  • Get your customers organized with a personalized Pocket Secretary™. Mondays can be tough. The weekly, 12-month planner features a thought-provoking quote at beginning of each new week to get your customers off on the right foot. Available in black, burgundy, green, or navy the Pocket Planner® also features a two-year reference calendar.

Pocket Secretary Planner

  • If your customers often plan by the quarter, they’ll love this full-year quarterly view calendar. A single-sheet full view calendar allows customers to view their schedule and appointments by quarter. It is tinned at the top and bottom and includes a loop for hanging.

full year view calendar

  • Looking for a unique holiday card? This greeting card includes a magnetic year-long calendar. Send your season’s greetings with an added gift inside! Our bi-fold greeting card comes in several holiday-themed designs and features a beautiful magnetic one-year calendar that you can imprint with your company name or logo.

  • This seeded desk calendar is sure to delight your customers. Each monthly calendar is fully plantable to ensure you are in your client’s thoughts all year long. The calendar is printed on seed paper with eco-friendly ink so it doesn’t damage the environment.

seeded desk calendar